Alice Falls Down the Rabbit Hole That Is 2020

We’re not in Wonderland anymore

Emery Schindler


Down, down, down she fell. She worried she might never stop falling.

Until, without warning, her fall was over. She was not a bit hurt. Only frightened by what she saw as she rose to her feet.

ALICE: Oh my, everything is on fire.

She heard singing coming from all around her. She tried her best to follow the sound until she came across a curious looking creature perched in a curious looking tree.

ALICE: Why you’re a koala!

CHESHIRE KOALA: Cheshire Koala to be exact.

ALICE: Mr. Cheshire Koala, what happened here?

CHESHIRE KOALA: Well child, the world is on fire, you see.

ALICE: But why has no one fixed it? What about the animals? The environment?

CHESHIRE KOALA: Well there’s a global pandemic brewing, the Orange Faced Queen is in the process of getting impeached, there’s only so much the world can pay attention to at one time. Short attention spans, indeed.

ALICE: Well that’s not a very good answer.

CHESHIRE KOALA: Few answers are.

The Chesire Koala faded into a smile, then into nothing at all. Leaving Alice alone to wander. She found her way down a path lined with flowers as tall as she was.

JOE EXOTIC FLOWER: Watch out, that bitch Carole Baskin is gonna get ‘cha.

The Carole Flower laughed, with hate in her eyes. Alice avoided eye contact as she passed the flowers, smart enough to know not to get caught in the middle of whatever was happening in this little garden.

As she walked further along the winding path, she found herself spun around as something much faster than her ran past. It was the White Supremacist Rabbit. Alice chased after him.